Networking Events 2014

Deloitte and EUhelp. Adgang til finansiering

05.11.2014 – NSE, Deloitte, Mazanti and AwaPatent – Hvordan tænker professionelle investorer?

Deloitte and EUhelp. Adgang til finansiering

23.05.2014 – Deloitte and EUhelp – Adgang til finansiering

Networking Events 2013

Horizon2020 Netværksmøde

21.10.2013 – Horizon2020

EU FP7 Netværksmøde

27.02.2013 – EU FP7

Networking Comments

I offer to make the Form C for you

– so you can concentrate on what you find interesting

I offer to manage and complete the financial statement – Form C – for you, your company or your institute. I make sure to follow the financial rules, and documentary requirements in an EU FP6, FP7 and CIP project.

It will save you a lot of time, so you are able to concentrate on what is important for you; research, expand your company, find new projects or something else.

If you prefer to manage the Form C internally, I also offer self help packages, in order to understand the financial rules and complicated documentation requirements. Then you will receive a quick and necessary overview of the financial rules adapted for your company.

Form C

Completing the financial statement (Form C) in an EU project can be a lengthy process. The financial rules and systems change in the EU commission regularly, which makes it difficult and time consuming every time financial reporting is necessary.

As an accountant and auditor, I have several years of experience managing Form C in EU FP6, FP7 and CIP projects. This gives me knowledge in how to communicate with both external and EU auditors. As an EU project secretary, I have had the responsibility for the financial and administration documentary, budget planning and the communication with coordinator, EU Commission and other partners.

I have altogether audited and managed more than 100 different EU projects. This gives me a thorough background, where I have seen various problems to be faced, when interpreting the financial issues.


Christina Yoon Petersen
EU FP7 Specialist

Phone +45 29 25 45 66


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